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Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Word Limit 800+
  • One Do-follow link for free guest posting and charges for sponsored posting.
  • No duplicate content.
  • Topic related to our niche.
  • Guest posting “Title” should not more than 70 characters.
  • We have rights to make changes in post.
  • If we get duplicate content in future then we will remove posting without any notification [for both free or paid posting].
  • At least one high quality image as a featured image.

We Allow Guest Posting On Following Topics

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Technology
  • Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet
  • Business

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Advantages of Guest Posting

Writing can be a passion for someone and for some people it is the way to earn. Bloggers and even small enterprises take helps of the blogging to gain some popularity on the internet. Guest posting is a technique of blogging that has many benefits to offer.

Here are 8 reasons why we think that guest posting is an advantage.

#1. You Can Establish Authority: Quality content and blog posts can make your website to stand as an authority on the subject. But you have to make sure that it reaches the maximum number of people. Taking the help of the search bots is an option but promoting it on an authentic guest post can really help you in the cause. You will get the exposure that you are looking for and being a guest blogger, you will be able to establish an authority as a quality writer or blogger.”

#2. More Backlinks Your Way: If you have a website that is not helping you to generate revenue, then it is of no use. You have to make sure that you are using the resources well. By guest posting you will not only earn the money but you will also increase your chances to rank higher in the search engine searches. Back linking is something that will help you to rank high in the searches and how well you use these links in your guest post is up to you.

#3. Chance To Improve Your Writing Skills: Writers pay attention here. You have the chance to improve your writing skills and to really work on establishing an authority. Guest posting offers exposure to a larger audience which means that your writing skills will get tested. Write the blog that really interests you and then combine the magical ingredients. Put it out on the platform and look where you stand in terms of your writing. This practice will really help you to improve in terms of writing.

#4. Beneficial For Social Networking: This is the web era where everything is revolving around the social networks. Guest posts give the bloggers and website owners the chance to get their content shared on these social platforms. Not only it will expose the work you have done but will also help you to increase your own social circle. Also, your business will enjoy this organic traffic from the social network sites.

#5. It Will Finance Your Website: Guest posting is mutually beneficial for guest and host. Guest blogger earns the potential readers while host offers valuable content on his site. This either way helps the guest and host to generate some revenues that they can use to finance their website. You are paying for your website host and what can be better than generating some revenues while benefiting your business. Basically, it is the conversion of the audience that helps the website to use the resources in a more profitable way.

#6. A Good Way Of Branding Your Business: More audience means more exposure and more exposure means branding. Guest posting has this exposure to offer or the bloggers with which they can build their own brand name. Some of the bloggers have the content but they didn’t find the platform to share it. Guest blogging is the way to go where they can share their ideas with the readers and can establish themselves as a brand in that niche.

#7. Encourage Reciprocal Writing: Guest posting will give quality bloggers and writers the chance to show their skills on the better platforms. They will get the chance to share their perspective with the audience and for both host and guest it is the chance to build relationships that will help them in the long run. This will encourage people to the blogs or website and the chances are that they might convert in to subscribers to grow your community.

#8. Awareness: Guest posting has different advantages for different level of bloggers and writers. For some bloggers it is the chance to grow their community. For some it is the chance to give their readers something new to read and for some it is the way to generate more back links. For new bloggers it is definitely a chance to increase awareness about his/ her skills and to express in a way that helps his blog or website to grow.

These are some of the advantages that guest posting has to offer for bloggers, writers and websites. Next time you get the opportunity to participate in guest posting make sure you grab it.

What is SEO?

SEO Blog Write For US And SEO “Submit Guest Post

SEO, a short form of Search Engine Optimization, is a process of optimizing your content (texts/videos/infographics) to make it rank higher in search engines.

Higher rankings lead to more visitors, thus, better sales and maximum profit.

No doubt, maximum fight exists for Google SEO and Youtube Rankings (two largest search engines on the planet).

Keeping latest updates in mind, Content, Rankbrain and Backlinks are three most important ranking factors of Google SEO. While, watch time and user interaction (likes, comments, shares) are ranking factors for Youtube SEO.

To keep things in control, time to time, Google updates like Penguin, Panda and Maccabees (latest one) keep search results authentic and user-centric.

On an overall basis, SEO is divided as White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO. While for maximum visibility in search engines (on ranking basis) SEO is divided as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

What Is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

Guest Posting For social media marketing And write for us

The only platform on the planet earth which is even colossal than “INTERNET” is Social Media.

Yes, we’re talking about an awesome way of promoting your service, product or event on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr etc. And, that’s what Social Media Marketing is all about.

Since promotion term itself is associated with money you spent (in most of the cases). Thus, accurate appellation would be “ADVERTISING”.

And, at the time of advertising, the power of advertisement/promotion of photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook – Instagram, cannot be suppressed by Facebook or Twitter (giants).


February 2016 study by Locowise found that Engagement Rate on twitter and facebook was 0.04% and 0.53% respectively. At the same time (January 2016) it was 0.84% for Instagram, making it one of the best brands for Social Media Marketing.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Write For Web Hosting Company

Before moving onto Shared Hosting, small site owners need to interpret exactly what Shared Hosting is?

Moreover, it will be super benign to have in-depth knowledge of the disparity between Shared vs VPS Hosting OR Shared vsWordpress Hosting.

Needless to say, starting SEOs & bloggers, small start-ups will opt to initiate with affordable web hosting service. And, being economical is #1 and top quality of shared hosting that marks its existence in world wide web (www).

Plus, since they’re just starting, going with managed shared hosting platforms is no doubt the finest privileges.

Looking at another side of the coin, as the name suggests, many a time, same resources of shared hosting are being oversold to numerous customers.

As a result of this, because of heavily loaded systems, arrangement performance may suffer and result in frequent downtimes.

However, because of lack of precise allocation of property i.e. CPU, RAM etc., big site owners recommend not to go for Shared hosting.

But, Virtual Private Server OR VPS Hosting incorporates guaranteed resources for websites receiving enormous customers as it fills loopholes in Shared hosting.

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