11 Tactics to Increase Your Domain Security

Domain security is one of the most dominant factors while classifying the enclave of servers. Every network is kept separate from a network that has a different security domain. But why is Domain security so important? Wait; let me tell you in a nutshell! A domain security is just a bundle of applications that is trusted by all for authorisation, authentication or session management. Talking in the layman language, it’s a security token issued, after the user has authenticated with the valid user ID and password.

Domain theft is quiet rare, but it is always a better option to be safe than sorry! For an instance, an employee that left the company without leaving the access to your domain accounts and changes the website or the authority.

Sounds horrifying! Right!

The next question striking your mind will be, how do I practice domain security? Don’t worry; we will clear it up for you.

Let’s dive deep down into how to improve your domain security. I will be breaking this article into simpler topics making it easy for you to apprehend! But before taking it any further, let’s understand what domain security exactly is.

A domain security is simply a policy if security which is predominately applied to a specific domain or a certain set of systems. Administrators generally use this policy to set important security protocols that includes access level, password protection etc.

At times people do get bewildered between domain security policy and domain controller security policy, though both of these are totally different!

Domain controller security policy is exclusively for some specific hardware which is designated as domain controller, while domain security policy is only for the particular domain.

Users who are mostly using Microsoft Operating System have the ability to often enhance their domain security policies with the help of the controls provided to them. They can change their password policy, account lockout etc with the help of domain security. While in other cases you need to have more advanced controls over it to customise your domain security policies.

But What’s The Point Of Caring About Domain Security?

Domain security is a must thing if you care about your brand! Let your legal team be more vigilant against the trademark, IT people need to be quiet strict, to the domain names from any of the virtual threats! Insecure domains are easy targets for hackers to hijack your site or to redirect your website to some inappropriate server.

But What’s The Point Of Caring About Domain Security

Your Domain! Is It Really Secure?

Everyone believes to ensure the security of their domain name registrations and all the internet services which are linked to your domain! Trust me it is one of the most important segments of the portfolio management. These features helps to keep your domain safe from all sorts of cyber criminals and individual who you think can affect your company as well as to get rid of your employee’s mistakes that can affect your internal systems.

Let’s talk about the different tactics we can use to secure the domain!

  • Get your domain name registered with your account: Make it a point to get your domain registered in your name and identity that will help you to be the legal owner of the domain! This will make you the registrant which is the actual or the legal owner of the domain while your trusted employees will be listed as administrative who is the rightful authority after you to make the amends to all the domain records. The technical contact listed as the rightful authority of addressing any technical issues related with the domain name. You can easily give access to your trusted employees without providing them with the actual access! Doesn’t it sound good!
  • Use a strong password: While you head off to the nest step make it sure to protect your account with a very strong password! That probably is next to impossible for anyone to guess or hack to gain any access. Use password manager to be sure.
  • Enforcing Passwords Updates and Complexity: Weak passwords lead to many mishaps! To prevent such incidents, it is good to update your passwords regularly that require alphanumeric passwords and policies must be there to regularly update the passwords.
  • Domain Management: It is always a better option to use the rights of your domain yourself, but just in case if you have assigned the responsibilities to some third party, so it’s better to retain the access back! As it includes most of the domain related services like management service, activation /deactivation of services, domain hosting services etc.
  • Website Management: Trust is must thing when you give access to the people to modify or upload the website elements. Be very careful before taking this step as access can be easily broken using control panel. Limiting the access according to the need of the employee helps you to maintain control over your management of the website.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: At times, with a strong password, hackers can enter into your account. So by enabling a two factor authentication adds to the security of your domain. When you enter a password it will be notified to your smart device automatically making it easier for you to keep a check.
  • Preventing Data Loss: It is important for admins to identify sensitive documents which are shared unnecessarily. May it be the documents of the company or the personal documents, special tool are available with the help of which you can prevent your data from nay loss.
  • Protect your email address: Be very cautious when it comes to safeguarding your email address that is specially linked to your account. If some unknown is able to retain the information to all of your valuable accounts, then it can be hazardous for you, so protecting your email is a very important.
  • Managing Mobile Devices (MDM): Everyone spends most of their time on their mobile phones as it continues to grow .People do use this device to manage the space between their personal and work data. Applications offering MDM has come up with flying colours in recent years as it helps to protect data.
  • Keep a keen eye on phishing attempts: It’s a kind of hard job to keep a keen eye on your account all the time by engaging yourself in some sophisticated methods helps you to gain access to all of your accounts. Beware whenever you click on any link asking to enter your username and password.
  • Detecting Last Login and Suspicious Activity: Indulging yourself with the applications that alerts you about and suspicious activity is an add on thing as it allows the user to access data from any device and location and getting to know which if the logins are true.


Your domains are very critical as they help your organisation to grow well! These high valued assets must be protected well. It takes your patience and perseverance to reach to that level .Use these strategies to improve your domain security. Hope this article was at least some help to you.


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