How To Build Backlinks For New Website

No matter how good the quality of content might be, whether it will attract the attention of others or not is a matter of chance. Moreover, unless others take notice of it, how can you expect to acquire links? You have to draw the attention of others to the website by sending out a request for links. Although it might seem to be a no-brainer, it is still the most efficient way of gaining attention and highlighting your intention of acquiring links.

Sending out a link request is not difficult, but the real difficulty lies in getting those links. Yours is not the only request that the recipient receives, and there could be chances of overlooking it thereby allowing it to get lost among so many other requests. You might not receive any response if the request does not appear exciting and the recipient ignores it. The quality of request must be such that it elicits a positive response or else be prepared to accept a nicely worded polite decline that pours cold water on your efforts. In this article, you will find the guide for real backlinks as you would know how you to create the most efficient link request, especially for new websites.

#1. View It From The Other Side

The quality of website contributes to obtaining quality links, but there are even mediocre websites that are rich in backlinks. The secret of the success of the not so good sites is in their ability to create dynamic and impressive link requests. They create such requests that recipients find hard to turn down. Thus, a lot depends on how well you can frame the request for backlinks. For producing high impacting link requests start thinking as if you are the recipient and try to figure out what would motivate you to create connections with other websites. Changing roles would allow you to view the entire exchange from the perspective of the recipient. There have to be some matching interests between you and the recipient, sharing of some common concerns that could result in link sharing.

#2. Highlight What The Recipient Would Gain

Since you want to get the best links, it is natural that you would be giving your best, but you have to make your intention clear of doing something beneficial for the recipient. The request for the link that you send out must outline what good can happen to the recipient on sharing links with you.

Once the website owner knows the benefits, it would create interest for coming forward and share links. The request must contain some essential information that helps to gauge the goodness of your website. You can highlight how the content is relevant for the target website from whom you are seeking links, describe the qualitative aspects of the content, and above all, assure that you have a legitimate site.

#3. Relevant Content Arouses Interest

The usefulness of content that you are willing to share depends on how appropriate it is for the recipient. Only if the content is relevant to the website you want to connect with that, it would generate interest and could turn out to be meaningful. There has to be some built-in connection between what you offer and what the target website contains and you must mention this explicitly in the request for the link that you send out. It is when there is some mutual benefit in the sharing that it could lead to fruitful partnership.

#4. Content Backed By Research

The content must be compelling, comprehensive and contain valuable information. For creating quality content that conveys value, undertake some research and do proper homework so that the content is unique and thought-provoking that generates enough interest among readers. It does not mean that the content should run into many pages to establish its quality. Even inferior quality content can be quite lengthy. It all depends on the content architecture, presentation and the quality of information. When the content is long, it would contain details, and for providing details, you have to depend on research, which is the reason why long-form content is better in quality.

#5. Quality Of Writing

The language of the content must be lucid enough for readers to understand so that they find reasons to remain engaged to it. The underlying message of the content must be easily recognisable, and there should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes that can rob the pleasure of reading. The language and expressions must be free from ambiguities, and the writing style should be attractive yet simple. Follow the same approach when using graphical images and videos in the content.

Quality content goes a long way in establishing your authority that is so essential for acquiring quality links, but the link request can be the real trump card.

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