How To Choose A Domain Name

In today’s modern world, websites are available for all business types. Just type your keyword on Google & it instantly displays several matching results. It seems that there is a situation of cybersquatting. So, people find it very difficult to choose a good domain name because they are available or already registered by someone else.

All those individuals who make to make an entry into the web-based business must keep in mind that the success of a website largely depends on the correctly chosen domain name. So, you need to deal with this issue with maximum responsibility and carefulness.

Otherwise, you will have to bear the additional costs in the future for finding a new domain name or migrating your website to a new platform. Therefore, we have outlined the best advice and recommendations aimed at helping you to choose a proper domain for your website.

  1. Define Your Goals at First

One must always keep in mind that the purpose of any website is to provide information to the customer about the goods or services being sold to them and let them know from where they can buy it.

So, it is always better to choose a domain in accordance with the company name, making it easier for people to remember and find on the WWW. Take the help of professional website builders if you don’t understand this properly. Once you have clear goals in mind, it will be easier for you to choose a good domain name as per your needs.

  1. Domain Extensions

Before choosing a good domain name, you need to select an appropriate domain extension at first. There are numerous options available on the market. See the list below:

Domain Extensions Coverage Area (Regional or Global) Registered users (Estimated)
.COM Global 82.01 million
.DE Germany 13.05 million
.CN China 12.55 million
.NET Global 12.42 million
.UK England 7.83 million
.ORG Global 7.79 million
.INFO Global 5.24 million
.NL Netherlands 3.5 million
.EU European Union 2.98 million
.RU Russia 2.31 million

Most individuals try to book a good domain name with .com extension. But, they fail to do so because someone else has already booked a domain with that name. If that happens with you, don’t get dejected at all. Try your luck with other extensions and book a good domain name.

  1. Domain Name Should be Unique, Short, and Easy to Pronounce

Always keep in mind that your domain name should be simple, unique and easy to pronounce. Avoid using non-obvious abbreviations and slang in domains as they will make your domain look very bad. Look at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, CNN, YouTube, etc,. They are unique, easy to remember and easily pronounceable. If possible, add your main keyword in the domain name. This will be a competent SEO move, helping you in search engine optimization campaigns. It is highly recommended not to use extra hyphens and numbers, until & unless, it is directly related to the project name, region or some idea.

  1. Stand Out from Your Competitors

Make sure that your website domain doesn’t resemble with anyone in any way. Otherwise, it will confuse visitors and will move to your competitors or a well-known brand. So, before booking a domain name, analyze the situation on the market and try to differentiate your website from others by using a number of tricks. So be unique and select a good domain name. Check the history for the domain and make sure that it did not violate domain rules earlier. If you end up choosing a bad domain name and extension, get ready to face sanctions and filters applied by search engines.

  1. Localization Factor

If your website is aimed at users from a specific country or area, choose a specific domain and add the name of the region. If this is not a feasible option for you, choose a global domain extension and find a good name that represents your business to customers fully. As your domain name is extremely important for the reasons that it defines your business and brand for many years, have a long-term plan. If you decide to change the domain in the future, it will be one big headache for you as it will cost you money, branding and, SEO rankings. So, be careful about this.

Final Words

To come up with a good domain name for websites, individuals need to have patience and keep trying. Cybersquatters continue to buy good domain names for pennies and sell them to the needy individuals at expensive rates. If you are about to book a good domain name be careful and follow the above-mentioned recommendations. All these tips will help you to clear off the confusion and find a good domain name easily and effortlessly for your website or blog.

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