Ultimate Guide to Targeting Audience on the Google Display Network

It’s surprising to hear advertisers say they’re not able to generate a consistent stream of high quality leads from the Google Display Network even though it allows opportunities to reach over ninety percent of online users. Don’t worry, here are some tips from a white label PPC services provider to use target audiences on Google Display Network more effectively.

#1. Reasons For Poor Conversion Rates

Audiences on the Google Display Network are mostly in the awareness phase of buying cycle when compared to audiences on Google Search Network. They have less conversion intent and are more likely to be looking for useful information. Even though you may have lower CTRs and lower conversion rates, you’ll benefit from lower cost per click and lower cost per conversions.

#2. Optimise Content for Top-Of-Funnel

A white label PPC agency recommends optimising content for audiences in the awareness phase as an appropriate targeting strategy for the Google Display Network. Content can be in the form of webinars, e-books, research papers, product/service demos, white papers and video courses designed to drive quality leads who can then be pushed to conversions with other content marketing strategies.

#3. Advertise with Display Keywords

A white label PPC services provider uses different targeting methods including display keywords and also overlays different methods in order to get in front of the most relevant audience. With display keywords targeting, you can place your ads on websites that are related to your keywords. Google’s algorithm decides which websites to place your ads on.

#4. Options for Display Keywords

With display keywords, you have two targeting options – audience and content. With the audience option, you can show ads to users who are potentially interested in your keywords and serve ads on websites, apps and videos related to your keywords. With the content option, you can show only ads on websites, apps and videos related to your keywords.

#5. Advertise On Specific Websites

Placements is another targeting method that white label PPC agencies recommend. With this method, you can select specific websites to serve your ads on. You can either search for appropriate placement websites on your own, have Google suggest suitable placements or use Google Display Network Planner tools. Technically, Gmail ads are also generated using this method.

#6. Options for Placement Targeting

With placement method, you have two targeting options – target and bid and bid only. With the target and bid option, you can show an ad on the selected placement irrespective of other targeting methods you’re using. With the Bid only option, you can select the placement in order to bid on it but your ads will only serve when other targeting methods match. A PPC management agency may recommend the second option for overlapping audiences.

#7. Use Topic Targeting

Another method of targeting for Google Display Network is topic targeting using which you can serve ads on websites that Google has grouped into relevant categories. Here too, you have two targeting options – target and bid and bid only.

#8. Reach Out to Specific Demographic

With demographic targeting, you can target users based on gender, age and parental status. When using this featuring, you’ll come across Unknown Demographic under each category. Often, Google is unable to match a large proportion of users and by excluding them, you may lose out on relevant traffic. Hence, experienced PPC management agencies recommend including this segment for campaigns.

#9. Interests and Re-marketing

In this you have many different types of targeting including dynamic remarketing, affinity audience targeting, custom affinity audience targeting, in-market audience targeting, customer match targeting, similar to remarketing audience targeting, similar to custom email list targeting. Do thorough research to see how these audiences fit into your wider advertising strategy.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to add appropriate campaign exclusions to bar certain display keywords, placements, interests, remarketing audiences, demographics, topics, and site categories!


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