5 Ways To Create B2B Social Media Strategies

The most misunderstood paths that many businesses walk into is social media. Even after hundreds of blogs, thousands of articles, and established Entrepreneurs speak highly about social media and their current wave of influencing the business market today since its inception, many businesses still ignore it. They stick to traditional ways and wait for fish to catch the bait forever. Not that I am saying traditional companies don’t work, but social media boosts your business like no other. Today almost every brands have their DNA on social media. It is true. So for companies to make the best of each other, they need to think of strategies that can win the game for them. We elucidate some of them for you.

Content. Content. Content

I would hate to say the cliche, but Content is indeed the king! To make your presence in social media and to position yourself as the makers and masters of what you do, you need to manifest some thoughts via the content you create. It is vital for you to choose social media platforms and create content that will gear some traffic towards your business. Do you want to make noise? Create rich quality videos or Ads for facebook, write blog posts for the LinkedIn community, and talk about relevant topics on Twitter using trending or popular hashtags. This way you create some presence for both B2C and B2B lines. You can also use Google Plus to market via SEO. It is what is happening out there. You need to step right in and maximise your reach to potential consumers via your b2b social media content or the imprint of your content. And following this on Facebook ads is vital as said by Gary Vaynerchuk.

“My No. 1 thing for B2B companies is to think about social the way they think about the B2B magazines they read,” he said. “I think if you’re a SaaS product that’s going after CIOs, you need to figure out what magazines the CIOs are still reading in the trade, and then be the business that creates content that looks similar to that.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

b2b social media strategies

Targeting for B2B

As you might chalk out a strategy for Facebook, you might very well be successful to run in on some potential traffic. However, in the B2B dimension, if you want to get a hold of some possible flock and be successful in that, the most appropriate and powerful space for you would be LinkedIn. You can put the best of your created content, and the platform itself is built for potential businesses to expand their network. It is a vital step especially if you running on a tight budget. It is also paramount because LinkedIn’s ability to obtain you a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate is fantastic. It works the best for you if you want to find out more clients in the B2B space.

59% of B2B marketers claim that LinkedIn is the perfect platform for them which gave them some leads.

How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy

The Email Will Work Alongside

If a solid email communication service backs your B2B marketing strategy, then it’s the bulls eye for you. Even though being on social media is perceived as cool and could turn in some trendy goodwill for you, people still prefer formal communication through emails. Emails have that subconscious effect of why and when you are emailing them and how relevant is that to them. By mapping out your potential customers through social media, you can provide them with more incentives or offers specially curated for them. You can also send them Newsletters with the best of your content which will allow them to perceive you as a brand.

In a survey result, 77% of people chose email as robust and reliable over any other form of communication.

Let Them Talk About Your Brand

Social media is used for the obvious reasons that it creates noise and creates brand awareness. It is primarily the only dimension today where one brand comes across another brand. The days of brands or companies looking at client directories are done. It is social media that is playing the game. It allows companies to become thought leaders, participate in community discussions and then ultimately to lead to a higher pedestal of brand recognition. Don’t get me wrong, but some companies definitely need to stop too much Self-promotion, which is almost counted as SPAM for most people. Analysing and measuring how much is too much is also a big part of the game.

Optimising your brand through SEO and social media in the B2B space will rule out low or cheap priced competitors.

Re-Optimising and Re-targeting

You know how the deal works. Tons of brands, tons of content plans, tons of content, and all of that makes it easy for potential customers to forget you. You need to continually come up with best social media marketing strategies for your brand to stay alive in the potential consumer’s eye. You should make great use of The Facebook Exchange which is a living marketplace for you to interact and target those people who have already gone through your brand via your content or expressed an interest in you. This platform allows you to re-target your B2B audience via previous site visits. You can also use traditional Facebook or Facebook Marketplace ads for this.

Upon introducing retargeting, the Facebook exchange had news feed ads which resulted in a 19.73% increase in ROI for brands.

Best strategies for B2B social media

B2B strategies, otherwise ignored by many, has been flourishing with the pace of social media’s growth. It is utterly crucial for brands and companies to strategize their B2B campaigns with the use of social media.

Author Bio: Mudabbira Khan is an English Hons. Graduate. She is a passionate about writing and blogging and currently working as contributing editor at TheArticle.in.


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