5 Essential Reasons To Translate Video Content

In today’s modern market, it’s easy to fall into the trap of auto-generated video translation. It’s simple enough, right? YouTube will do it for me. Failing that, I’ll head up my trusty friend Google to find the solution. For those of you who have tried an auto-generated video translation service, you know all too well how it fails to deliver the kind of accuracy that customers expect from a reputable business.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, though. Video translation is a complex process that is best left to the professionals. It requires an entire team of video, audio and language experts to produce footage that is suitable for a multilingual audience. In today’s article, we walk you through the entire process of video translation, so you can understand all the benefits and why you will need professional support:

Hire A Professional Translator

There’s not much getting around this one. The first thing you should do on any video translation project is get a team of pros on your side. You will need a team proficient at translating content from English to French, Spanish, German and then back to English. Every language you’re translating to will bring with it unique challenges, so you will need experts that specialise in all areas of translation. Don’t try to do everything yourself. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and you will fail.

You may know a friend or family member who speaks in multiple languages. They have skills and can help you at a fraction of the price. This is starting to sound like a no-brainer; however, it can lead to omitted, altered and embellished words. They are keen to help, but this doesn’t always result in a professional product. An inadequate or incomplete translation can be worse than no translation at all as it will show your business to be unreliable, unprofessional and unable to generate income from international customers. Not exactly a winning sales pitch!

As in any other profession, the more seasoned the professional, the more accurate the results will be. Professional translation companies invest in their business the same way you do in yours. Their employees have access to translation software, are consistent with terminology and build directories.

They will have access to industry-leading training and resources provided by their employer. After all, if you want to be the best in the business, it only follows that you offer the best resources to your staff to ensure they always strive to provide a comprehensive service. With offices in Italy, the UK and Germany, Intrawelt is synonymous with excellence in professional translation and interpreting. Having a dedicated translation company in your corner will give you the confidence to grow your company internationally.

Choose Your Format

Next, you need to decide how you are going to translate your videos – voiceover, subtitles, transcript or a combination of these.

#1. Subtitles: The benefit of subtitles in the cinema is that they don’t get in the way of the actors’ performances. Nothing needs to be recreated. It’s a natural, fitting way to ensure you maintain the authenticity of the video. Nothing gets in the way of the viewing experience. People can watch your video while reading the subtitles, without having to return to transcribe at a later date.

#2. Transcripts: Transcripts are also growing in popularity as companies across the globe realise the immense benefit it provides when it comes to ranking in the search engines. If you’re going to invest in video translation, then it makes sense to do it in a way that benefits your online visibility. Helping Google find, crawl and rank your video transcripts will increase traffic to your site, expanding your global reach.

But, won’t that be considered duplicate content? As it stands, Google does not penalise websites for content duplicated in different languages. Probably for this very reason. It’s not sneaky; it’s essential for successful translation. As a result, your website will have more pages, more keywords variations and links. This all equates to a greater authority for your business. What’s more, it will be easier to rank for keywords as competition in some languages is non-existent.

Some people may want to read, not watch, your content. Having a video transcript gives them the ability to return when they have the time to read through your content in detail, without needing to crank up the volume.

#3. Voiceover: Similar to subtitles, a voiceover will give your audience the ability to enjoy your content in real-time. None of this watch now, transcribe later business. By using voiceover translation, you are gaining confidence with your audience as they can immerse themselves in your content without having to keep up with words on a screen. With certain online material, words can move quickly on the screen as they need to follow the natural flow of the visuals, so your audience may have difficulty catching all the information.

Another consideration? Other languages may be more extensive than English, so they require more space to fit the text, which could lead to broken text and several frames needed. With voice over translation, however, you are offering a relaxed viewing experience where people can watch their favourite videos in their native language without needing to break away.

Benefits of Professional Video Translation:

  • Your brand will stand out from the crowd. There’s no better way to reach multiple markets in one video than through translation. Most competitors will produce a video, optimise and hit ‘publish’ without even a second thought. Through video translation you are tapping into so many markets the competition have not even considered – it’s almost unfair!
  • It’s great for your online presence. As mentioned above, you can reap the benefits of optimised content with a text translation.
  • Increase your audience reach. The multilingual options on Facebook and YouTube open up a world (see what we did there?) of opportunities for brands. If you publish English-speaking videos alone, you are blocking out 60% of the market. In recent years, more international users are visiting these platforms in search of engaging content. If you’re not visible, you are missing out.

Author BIO.: This article was produced in collaboration with Intrawelt, a language and translation company passionate about delivering professional translation services to businesses across the globe.


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